courgette plant in flowerCourgettes are a member of the Cucurbit family, which includes squash, cucumber and melon.
Next to potatoes these are an easy to grow and prolific vegetable.  They don’t freeze satisfactorily but an easy way to preserve any glut is to incorporate them into soups sauces chutneys and cakes which can then be frozen. Here’s a couple of recipes

Courgette Soup
1kg courgettes
a large potato
1 l stock veg or chicken
1 onion
2 tbsp olive oil
salt pepper paprika chilli  to taste

gently cook the courgettes & onion in oil until soft
add a pinch of chilli & paprika
add stock, salt and pepper
blend or mash the mixture
and cook on a low heat until the mixture reaches your preferred consistency
allow to cool then freeze

Basic Courgette Cake
250g courgettes
150g sugar
225g self raising flour
125ml sunflower oil
2 eggs
a teaspoon baking powder

Grate the courgettes add oil and eggs
Combine dry ingredients and fold in the courgettes oil and egg mixture.
Divide mixture between 2 bread tins
Cook at gas mark 4 for 30 minutes.


3 responses to “Cucurbits

  1. The basic courgette cake formula can be adapted (I use carrots instead of courgettes, but same principle) to suit the mood. I add lots of cocoa powder and a bit of black coffee for a dark scrumptious choc cake which keeps for ages. I’ve also made a savoury cake with lots of (pre-cooked) onion, some tomato paste, some grated cheese and a bit of spice (turmeric, cayenne, black pepper) – omit the sugar, of course). Another sweet version uses golden sultanas, walnuts and apple juice for a fruity cake, or ripe bananas, walnuts and lime juice. As varied as your imagination.
    Love the blog.
    – Arabella

  2. Thanks for your comments Arabella. Your recipe suggestions especially the coffee and chocolate cake have our mouths watering!

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