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In all of us there exists an imagination. It is situated in a place we consider private, it belongs to the individual person. For some people their imagination is perhaps an aspect of themselves that they refuse to share with anyone. For others it is a tool they use in order to express themselves or their ideas.
I think I might tend not to express my imagination very often, perhaps that’s why I find writing a blog something of a challenge. It would seem that the imagination is a vital feature for the creative artist, assisting them in drawing out something situated in the private into a public world. As already stated this is not something I do frequently, but I always have an admiration for people who do because without them we would be alot less than we are as a species.
Recently I took my daughter down to The Bold Street Festival. Our primary reason for going on the Sunday was to see the pavement artists create their art on the paving stones outside The Fact. Having found the previous year’s art to be marvellous, I was looking forward to the work on show.
The art was being created as we arrived and the weather had decided to be kind to pavement artists in Liverpool on that particular Sunday. My daughter and I wondered around, deciding which work we liked the best and just generally enjoying the explosion of colours on a normally drab grey canvas of the pavement. Then I noticed at the side of The Fact, children were also using chalk on certain paving slabs. I found out that an art group had set up a competition, each child was allocated one piece of pavement and was allowed to draw whatever they wanted to.
My daughter thought about doing a drawing for a short while then decided to have a go. As she went to work, I looked around at her and the other children, all had their heads down concentrating on their own particular piece of the street.
Each one was accessing their imagination to create a picture of their own choice. From inside a reservoir of imagination they brought forth pictures of people, fairies, animals, dragons and a host of other things.
From the private, an aspect of themselves was on display for all to see. I wonder how many of us adults would be willing to do the same? I don’t know who won the competition and I don’t really care and I don’t think the children cared that much, they were just enjoying themselves.
The real winners are the street and all the people that will get to see the pictures for as long as they are there. I admire all the adult and child artists from that day on Bold Street and thank them for making some part of their imagination public. I wonder what would happen if every person walking down Bold Street was given some chalk and invited to make an aspect of their private imagination public?


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