Seed Potatoes Earlies to Maincrop

Last years potato crop was so successful that we decided to grow them again this year. Potatoes are a very easy vegetable to grow in containers, which is great if you are new to growing and short on space. There is a wide variety of seed potatoes available, with varieties bred especially to grow in containers to unusual heritage varieties.

The phrases First Earlies, Second Earlies and Maincrop refers to the time the potatoes take to reach maturity. First Earlies  usually take 10 weeks to grow, Second Earlies 13 weeks, and Maincrop up to 20 weeks.

First Earlies which are also called new potatoes, are the most suitable to grow in small containers. A 10l container (about the size of a large black florist bucket) would be suitable for one seed potato but you can grow maincrop potatoes like we do in bigger tubs. If you have a sheltered sunny spot you can plant First Earlies in March but as plant roots can get cold in containers, we wait till the last frost has passed.

This year we will planting Purple Majesty (maincrop), Kerrs Pink (maincrop), Pink Fir Apple (maincrop), King Edward, (main crop), Epicure (first early) and  Kestrel (second Early) which you voted best tasting potato at our  Tasting Event.

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